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‘Mental health effects us all. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and not liked what’s looking back, been let down or disappointed, that is your mental health working’ - Tom Chapman

Suicide is the biggest killer in young people and nearly 80% of these suicides are men!

It all started when…

The Lions Barber Collective is a registered charity (reg. 1176363) aiming to raise awareness for Mens Mental health, suicide prevention and depression. 

We founded in September of 2015 to a phenomenal response, far greater than we expected, which we feel demonstrates how important the cause is and how much it is needed.

Suicide is the biggest killer in young people and nearly 80% of these suicides are men! 

As barbers we have a unique opportunity to help our clients, we are allowed into their personal space while we build a strong bond a relationship with them while in the chair. It is common for our clients to open up to us without having to prompt them, it is on this basis that we have worked with many, such as professional psychiatrists and the NHS to produce our BarberTalk training to educate barbers on how to recognise the signs of depression, mental health issues and possible suicide so we can then sign post our clients to the right organisations that are their to help. We are currently in the process of making this into an online modular training programme so that barbers across the globe can access and complete BarberTalk. In the meantime we have our BarberTalk Lite online awareness programme which anyone can access free of charge and receive certification and window stickers to let people know their shop is a safe place. 

TLBC has worked alongside many charities including PAPYRUS, Calm, Hub of Hope and Samaritans. We have even released a collaboration hair gel with The Bluebeards Revenge. The packaging contains the message of TLBC as well as a signpost to Samaritans, hopefully this message will reach the unreachable, making a difference and potentially saving a life.

The Journey started with a look book released released in 2016 containing work from all of the original Lions Barber Collective, each member donated an image of their work to create the ultimate collection. Since then TLBC has grown to become far more, mostly because of the drive of the founder Tom Chapman in memory of one his friends who sadly took his own life.

By talking about the subject alone starts the process and i hope that by the time my two sons under 3 are young men the stigma will no longer exist.

Suicide is not a scary word, its the statistics that are scary. We don’t want to make barbers into counsellors but maybe we can offer and opportunity to open up and offload, potentially we hope to be that first step in the right direction, which can often be the hardest. Lets save one life, and then another. 


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Join the pride by clicking HERE and completing BarberTalk Lite