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‘To stand out from the crowd we need to combine customer experience, high quality products and tools along with good method and technique.’



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Charity Founder / Mental Health Ambassador

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Tom Chapman is an award winning barber, author, public speaker, global ambassador and international educator - Starting his career with Toni & Guy in 2002 learning the discipline of structure, sectioning patterns, guides and scissor over comb. Tom taught himself barbering because of his love for men’s hair and alternative styles which required clipper work, spending many hours of trial and error on his friends.

Tom opened Tom Chapman Hair Design in Torquay,UK  in 2011 and began educating 2 years later. Since then he has educated all over the UK, USA, Asia, Canada, Brazil as well as being on stage across Europe. While working with many top product brands to help test and develop the latest products before they hit the market, as well as developing ‘how to’ videos and images. Tom is a multi published session stylist and platform artist and has even had his work grace the front cover of industry magazines, including HJ Men and Pro Hair.

Recently Tom developed his own training curriculum, complete with 11 mens hair and beard step by steps that enable easy and consistent deliverance and learning.

In September 2015 Tom founded The Lions Barber Collective, which started as a group of international barbers raising awareness for suicide prevention. It has developed to become much more and now campaigns for the awareness of mental wellbeing and suicide prevention, believing that the barbershop is a great, safe place for men to talk. Tom was invited to deliver a TED Talk, which took place in April 2018 at TEDx Exeter (4th most viewed TEDx community in the world). Tom has featured on BBC TV and Radio (which includes a full week of BBC Radios Pause for Thought), Channel 4, FOX News (USA) and multiple appearances in national and international press including GQ, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post and The Daily Express. The Lions Barber Collective are also developing BarberTalk, a form of online suicide intervention and mental health awareness training designed for barbers.

Tom has received a Points of Light award for his outstanding volunteer work from the UK Prime Minister Theresa May as well as reaching the 2017 Creative Head’s Most Wanted Finals and winning the Modern Barber Award for innovation 2018 along with a recognition from the Pride of Britain awards.

Tom self published his first book The Barber Boom in 2018, with interviews from top barbers around the globe, exploring the reasoning behind the huge growth in mens grooming. He received a publishing deal in 2018 for his second book, BarberTalk - Taking Pride in Mens Mental Health which will be available in 2019.


Watch my TED Talk below and check out more videos on the video page of this site.


‘With good method and structure to our haircuts we give ourselves insurance and security in any situation. Once we have created our blank canvas we can then personalise each cut to that individual.’ - Tom Chapman




“Once you stop learning you start dying” Albert Einstein


Powerful words, but incredibly true. The key to progression in life is having an open mind to new techniques, skills and methods in any field, being in the hair industry means that fashion moves with each season and our industry is always evolving.

Mens hair is on the rise and male grooming was worth over $80 Billion in 2016 with growth each year since. Its important as a hair stylist, salon or barber we do our best to take a slice of that pie. Not only to make money but stay relevant in todays industry. Men want more and more from their hair and this is pushing the industry forward at an incredibly fast rate, pushing a lot of boundaries.

The fade kickstarted it, but now those clients that left their hair salons to find new barbers want more styling and creativity combined with those fades. Even more recently there have been those rebelling against the fade fashion by growing their hair out, which means much more scissor work, or does it?

Either way I have developed bespoke days or weeks of courses that can help those who struggle with longer mens hair, fading techniques, styling, clippers or scissors. Mens hair seems to be far less valued when it comes to the qualification, dedicating far less time than traditional hairdressing courses yet men want more and more all the time, and we need to be prepared. When I ask hairdressers if their salons are unisex they always reply with a ‘Yes’ however when asked if they have had any barber training in the hair qualification they nearly always reply ‘No’. Men could account for 50% or more of your clientele so please do not dismiss the potential opportunity.



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Tom Chapman - Author

‘I hope that I can use my experiences, networks and knowledge to help, inspire or motivate others to succeed faster with more opportunities and drive.

It is essential that we share our secrets to help others and ourselves grow’


MY FIRST BOOK - The Barber Boom - Creating a New Sub Culture AVAILABLE NOW!

This book contains well over a hundred years of barber experience and advice from inspirational barbers from around the globe. The Author, Tom Chapman is a barber, educator, ambassador, spokesperson, and founder of The Lions Barber Collective charity. He has been a part of the barbering world for over 15 years now, and intends to continue long into the future. He has travelled the world with his barbering career, has owned his own salon, and currently helps to guide aspiring barbers by running workshops and courses in his native Devon and beyond. Barbering is an industry like no other and over the past few years it has been subject to a huge resurgence. Never in its entire history has it been so popular, celebrated and respected. This book intends to find out why. Through interviews with key individuals in the industry, fellow barber Tom Chapman hopes to get their perspective on the current ‘barber boom’, as well as finding out the stories that led them to where they are today. Featuring interviews with well-respected barbers (including Alan Beak and The Bloody Butcher) and taking the readers all around the globe, The Barber Boom is an exploration into modern barbering culture through the eyes of those who helped craft it.



Up to a certain age, Tom Chapman rarely had any reason to worry about his – or anyone else’s – mental health. Aside from a bout of loneliness when his friends left town to go to university, he didn’t struggle too badly with his emotions either.

But when he suddenly lost a friend to suicide, Tom knew that he wanted to do something to change the culture around men’s mental health. Through his work as a barber, he recognised how important it was to encourage men to talk to each other. He knew that if he could just help men to open up, then perhaps he could save lives. And so the 'Lions Barber Collective' was born: an international group of top barbers, all of which came together to encourage conversation and help raise awareness for the prevention of suicide.

In Barber Talk, Tom explains how his response to a personal tragedy helped him affect real social change and make a powerful impact on the lives of those around him.



Tom has gained recognition the hair industry, the government and even Buckingham Palace.

IMG_1482 2.jpg

Points of light letter from UK Prime minister.

Tom was recognised my the highest office in the land, the House of Commons for his outstanding volunteer work and in setting up the innovative initiative that is The Lions Barber Collective.


Tom Chapman meeting HRh Prince William

Tom as founder of the charity had a meeting with the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William to recognise the work that he and The Lions Barber Collective do. Recognition from the Palace and the Royal Foundation.


Points of light certificate

Certificate from the Prime Minister, Teresa May for the Points of Light award.


Modern Barber awards

Modern Barber of the Year Awards Winner for Best Innovation 2018 for The Lions Barber Collective initiative.


British Barber of the year

Finalist of the 2015 Wahl British Barber of the Year, competing in a live final at the prestigious Salon International hair convention.


behind the chair one shot finalist

Finalist of the prestigious BTC One Shot competition in the Mens Shot category 2018.